After getting a small window A/C unit from my parents this afternoon, I got busy working on the toolbox. Besides being great practice, this gives me something small enough to pack around and show off. I started by bucking the last 4 rivets on each end of the box that I couldn’t reach with the squeezer. Feeling good about the rivet bucking, I decided to just buck the rivets that hold the front stiffener on as well:

28 May 2011   buildlog   tools   shop   learning   firsts  

My big tool order from Brown Tool arrived today! Now I actually have the stuff I need to get working. I got their Deluxe RV toolkit and made a couple substitutions - a pneumatic squeezer, and upgraded drill. Overall I’m quite happy with this kit, and while I’m sure this won’t be the last of the tools purchased, it certainly covers the vast majority of what I need.

27 May 2011   buildlog   tools   firsts   inventory  

In order to brush up on the sheet metal skills before working on actual airplane parts, I bought the toolbox practice kit. Besides just being good practice, the end result will be a nice looking small toolbox that will probably get some basic maintenance tools put in it and put in the back of the plane for most trips.

27 May 2011   buildlog   tools   shop   learning   firsts  

I can finally, truly, step into the builder category now. My tail kit has arrived! This marks many firsts: First order received, First inventory started, First parts touched. While I know there will be plenty of ups & downs, I’m pretty sure I’ve never been as excited about anything else - certainly not about self-made work of massive scale…

24 May 2011   buildlog   firsts   inventory   empennage  

I don’t recall where I first saw this, but its such a great idea.

24 May 2011   tools   plans   tips