Plans holder

24 May 2011   tools   plans   tips

I don’t recall where I first saw this, but its such a great idea.


Pick up a 2’ x 4’ piece of 1/2” MDF from your local Lowes aircraft supply or Big Orange.   Trim off about 11.5” to get a piece about 2’ x 3’.  I used one of the plan pages to get a rough measure - it doesn’t have to be exact, just close enough for 1.5” binder clips to reach and hold the plans in place.

This basic setup can also be modified to add a piece of aluminum u-channel to the top back of the holder facing down.  This allows the plans holder to be hung on the wall very nicely from small hooks to keep the plans out of the way and clearly visible.  Ultimately I will probably make another one of these holders and put u-channel on both.

If I borrowed this design from you, I’d be happy to link to more information on your website.  Drop me a note with the link.