Project start timing

04 Oct 2010   project   timing   timeline

To avoid too much undue expectations too soon, I am currently anticipating ordering the empennage kit sometime around Q2 2011. This should provide sufficient time to wrap up some projects around the house and get my garage turned into an airplane workshop. This time is also needed to actually get my pilots license - minor deal, eh?

Overall, I’m planning for the build to take at least 4 years, due to budget requirements. I guess the wait to get started will help to teach a bit of the patience that will be required to bring this project around to completion.

While waiting for space & funding to be available, I have been working on setting up all sorts of fun tools for tracking the project. I’m currently planning to track both wall clock hours and person hours, mostly for my own statistical interest. The same spreadsheet that I’m using to track wall/person hours will also allow me to track time spent on each component. I’ll be using the data kept on the spreadsheet to update the Build Time page on a regular basis once I actually get started on the construction process.

I still have more tracking tools in mind. I definitely want a good photo gallery to tie in to this site - I’m planning to include a handful of pictures with each log update, depending on what’s be done for the update, but anticipating that I’m sure there will be more pictures than will reasonably fit on the log entries themselves.

While none of these really has a direct impact on the completion (or even on the start) of my project, they will likely play a large role in maintaining motivation, and they most certainly provide some time fillers to at least make it feel like I’m accomplishing something towards the project before I get started.