Practice Toolbox - Part 2

28 May 2011   buildlog   tools   shop   learning   firsts

After getting a small window A/C unit from my parents this afternoon, I got busy working on the toolbox. Besides being great practice, this gives me something small enough to pack around and show off. I started by bucking the last 4 rivets on each end of the box that I couldn’t reach with the squeezer. Feeling good about the rivet bucking, I decided to just buck the rivets that hold the front stiffener on as well:


You might be wondering what’s going on in the last two pictures….. Well… so much for those rivet bucking skills.. Still, it wouldn’t be a practice project without a couple mistakes on it. Unfortunately, the rivet gun got away and happily went skipping down the side of the box. Ouch! Oh well - gives the toolbox character. Its mine!

Next up, dimple the hinges and attachment points:


Doh! There aren’t supposed to be two holes there! Oh well - better an itchy trigger finger in practice than on the real thing. That pneumatic squeezer is quick. Fortunately the hinge covers most of that mistake.

With the hinges riveted on (I squeezed those), the rest of the project is down to finishing touches. First the latch is added. I’m not entirely happy with how the rivets set on the lower part of the latch. I’ll have to ask around for some ideas on how to tackle rivets like those in the future. Finally the handle is bent into shape and attached to the lid.


All in all, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Now it just needs to be polished up to a nice shine, and I’ll have a pretty nice toolbox to travel with.

Session time: 3.5 hours Project total time: 7.5 hours