Things happening? Maybe?

04 Oct 2013   buildlog   tools   empennage   horizontal-stabilizer   deburring

So…. a lot of excuses can be put here… To start with, This particular session was logged in the google sheets hour log, but didn’t have a build log entry written until Sept. 2016. I’m dating it properly, but, beyond the log entry of ‘sanding’, I don’t have any particular details.

So.. Part of the issue has been website related. I don’t want to deal with wordpress, but I need a way keep the build log. Plus I want to be able to share the experience, so website it is. I’ve been working on a conversion to using Jekyll to build the website as a set of static HTML files, but it’s taking longer than expected to get something I’m happy with. Eventually something will work out, but I’m not a huge web dev type, so progress is slow and stuff. Well… the fact that you are reading this now means that something has worked out… umm.. magic and stuff..

In any case, this session probably consisted of taking some sandpaper to further cleanup the ribs. They should be nearly done and ready to assemble into the horizontal stabilizer.

Build hours status

Entry Type Hours this session Total hours to date
Total hours 1 16.25
Parts worked on
 horizontal stabilizer 1 13.75
Work Types
 sanding 1 1
 nitehawk 1 16.25