The Tail - it has arrived!

24 May 2011   buildlog   firsts   inventory   empennage

I can finally, truly, step into the builder category now. My tail kit has arrived! This marks many firsts: First order received, First inventory started, First parts touched. While I know there will be plenty of ups & downs, I’m pretty sure I’ve never been as excited about anything else - certainly not about self-made work of massive scale…

Since Fedex showed the package out for delivery this morning, I decided to work from home in the afternoon in hopes of being home to accept the delivery. As it happens, I turned into my neighborhood right behind the Fedex truck carrying my kit. I couldn’t have timed that arrival better if I’d tried.


After a bit of a dragging afternoon, it was finally time to start inventorying parts…


Had to splurge for the electric trim option:


Two hours later and I can conclude that I have all the parts that I’m supposed to have. Sweet!


I also got the toolbox kit, partially to use as a practice project.


Now…. where did those pesky tools go… oh - right - they still need to be ordered…. The dimpler is reporting shipped, and I should be getting the rest of the tools ordered within the next day or two.

Note: Session is a reference into my hour logging spreadsheet.

Build hours status

Entry Type Hours this session Total hours to date
Total hours 2 2
Parts worked on
 empennage 2 2
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 inventory 2 2
 nitehawk 2 2