New Website, new life

13 Sep 2016   plans

Alight… it’s been ages…. I have loads of excuses, including this website, as to why that has been the case. Reality though, is that I haven’t been working on it, and the excuses don’t really matter.

So… What gives?

Well… I’ve been getting a lot more motivation to get back to the project lately. I’ve been wanting to finish this website conversion for a while - that’s pretty much done. The conversion has been a prerequisite, but not a very interesting one. There are a few things left to do for the new setup.

  • Jekyll module to automatically add up session times. I think I’ll still keep the hours log in google sheets too, but only as a backup.
  • Finish linking project info pages
  • Build Component status pages (Can we make Jekyll create a paginated list of entries based on tag?)
  • Similarly, build Worktype status pages
  • Confirm that all pages are properly tagged with worktypes, etc.
  • Hook up related page links
  • Add analytics hooks, minimal ad blocks (every little bit helps)

Woah… that seems like a lot

Well… there’s a good bit on the list, but not everything is essential…

Why was the website a prerequisite again?

Well… Wordpress is a pain to keep up to date. And if it’s not kept up to date, it’s a bit of a security bother. I also wasn’t really happy with dealing with wordpress. This configuration is pretty clean to manage. I don’t really need fancy dynamic pages, and writing posts in a regular text editor (or even a web browser if I wanted to) is pretty quick and easy. Now, I knew I didn’t want to deal with wordpress anymore, so making more posts on wordpress means more to move over. The move itself hasn’t been too difficult, especially now that I’ve figured out a few plugin related things, just took a bit of time.

Next Up?

Well.. it’s been a while. I went ahead and got another toolbox project as well as the RV practice project to refresh skills. I remember the general idea, just need to practice them a bit again.

So we’ll see progress again?

Probably…. I mean I can’t say exactly when, cuz… you know…. but it’s much closer to having progress resumed. It’s still not getting the funding it needs right now, but I do have a reasonable bit to be getting on with, so I might as well get back to it. The idea is to include the aircraft build as part of a vlog channel I’m getting started on the YouTube. Still need to revive the gaming channel too, but all good things and what not.

I really want to know how this new website thing works

Are you sure? It’s a tad bit technical…. Let me know and I can put together some additional details.