Our Aircraft

Here is some basic information about the aircraft that I’m looking to build. For any elements that I have written about in greater depth, I’ll link to the appropriate entry.

  • Type: Van’s RV-9A
  • Seats: 2
  • Landing gear: Tricycle
  • Tip-up canopy
  • Engine: Renesis rotary or Lycoming IO-320 or equivalent Aero Diesel (preference to the Diesel assuming an appropriate engine is available at an appropriate price at that phase – Will be devoting a fair bit of research to fuel system requirements for running Jet-A with the diesel or mo-gas with the Lycoming)
  • Prop: Variable pitch composite prop from Whirlwind or MT
  • Avionics: Planning for GRT Avionics based glass cockpit with 2 10″ Horizon screens and a 6.5″ WS Horizon screen
  • Electrical: Vertical Power VP-X Pro

Target budget: Under $100k (depending on engine & avionics selection)

Note: Everything is subject to change until orders for the relevant kits/components have been ordered, and may still change even then…