First up, make a pair of shims for the inboard ribs. The inboard ribs connect between the spars at an angle - the shims make up the difference in length compared to the rest of the ribs that are straight between the spars. The shims are fabricated from a long piece of flat aluminum. Cut to length & width with aviation snips, then grind down to final size and finish the edges.

02 Jun 2011   buildlog   firsts   empennage   horizontal-stabilizer   assembly  

After doing some more research and finding a more efficient fluting method, I returned to the fluting efforts for the horizontal stabilizer ribs. While most were pretty close already, they did need a little adjustment to get them nice and flat.

01 Jun 2011   buildlog   empennage   tips   horizontal-stabilizer   fluting  

I started this session by partially assembling the skeleton of the horizontal stabilizer to get an idea of how much fluting work the ribs were going to need for them to fit properly. Since the holes on the forward section of the main ribs were not lining up with the spar properly, it was pretty obvious that there was going to be some work required.

31 May 2011   buildlog   horizontal-stabilizer   ribs   fluting  

For today’s efforts, I started by finishing up the horizontal stabilizer attach bracket shaping. While they aren’t perfect, they do look pretty good. I’m planning to take them to the next EAA chapter 12 meeting to have some of the experienced builders look them over and get some feedback before doing the hole layout on them.

30 May 2011   buildlog   horizontal-stabilizer   deburring  

After much study over the past several months, and a bit of just setting parts together in various spots to see how they fit together, the build process has finally started. Step one in section 6 starts with assembling the forward spar of the horizontal stabilizer, then match drilling all the punched holes.

29 May 2011   buildlog   firsts   horizontal-stabilizer   assembly