First horizontal stabilizer skeleton assembly

02 Jun 2011   buildlog   firsts   empennage   horizontal-stabilizer   assembly

First up, make a pair of shims for the inboard ribs. The inboard ribs connect between the spars at an angle - the shims make up the difference in length compared to the rest of the ribs that are straight between the spars. The shims are fabricated from a long piece of flat aluminum. Cut to length & width with aviation snips, then grind down to final size and finish the edges.


After match drilling the shims to the forward spar, all the ribs can be cleco’d into position.


With all the ribs cleco’d between the spars, the horizontal stabilizer actually starts looking like a real airplane part. There’s still lots to be done before its finished, but its certainly a good feeling to see assemblies start to take shape!

Build hours status

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Total hours 1 12.75
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 horizontal stabilizer 1 10.75
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