Fluting ribs - part 2

01 Jun 2011   buildlog   empennage   tips   horizontal-stabilizer   fluting

After doing some more research and finding a more efficient fluting method, I returned to the fluting efforts for the horizontal stabilizer ribs. While most were pretty close already, they did need a little adjustment to get them nice and flat.

Basically the idea is to lay them web side down on a hard flat surface. Find the highest point that is bowing upwards and flute between the holes at that point. In order to avoid adding twist to the rib, the same spot on the opposite flange should also be fluted about the same amount. Most ribs got to flat with just one or two spots fluted in this manner.


So now I have a nice stack of pretty flat ribs. Tomorrow I can make a couple shims and put together the skeleton for the horizontal stabilizer.

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