Horizontal Stabilizer - Ribs

30 May 2011   buildlog   horizontal-stabilizer   deburring

For today’s efforts, I started by finishing up the horizontal stabilizer attach bracket shaping. While they aren’t perfect, they do look pretty good. I’m planning to take them to the next EAA chapter 12 meeting to have some of the experienced builders look them over and get some feedback before doing the hole layout on them.


Next up, I added the outboard hinge brackets to the rear spar and match drilled all the holes in those to final size. These just get cleco’d in place and drilled for now.


Most of this work session was spent deburring horizontal stabilizer ribs. I’m sure I’ll be getting more efficient at this process through the project - right now, its a very slow process. Not that slow is really an issue at this point anyway. A few hours of effort in, and all the ribs for the horizontal stabilizer are nicely deburred and ready to be fluted to flat and setup in the structure.


Build hours status

Entry Type Hours this session Total hours to date
Total hours 5 9.5
Parts worked on
 horizontal stabilizer 5 7.5
 ribs 4 4
Work Types
 fabrication 1 2.5
 deburring 4 4
 nitehawk 5 9.5