Preview plans ordered

11 Oct 2010   project   plans   shop

Today marks the first “real” order placed towards the airplane.  The preview plans are the first part of the project and should give a great first glimpse into the scale of my upcoming project.  Since I’ve still got a bunch of projects left to finish on the house, I’ll have a good bit of time to study, remove drool from, restudy, and simply absorb everything in this first installment.   Combined with the sheet metal workshop coming up, I’ll be about as prepared as I can be once I start to get the real “toys”.

In other news, progress is being made on prerequisite projects around the house.  The shop is slowly beginning to take shape.  I’ve got all the materials required to get an air compressor setup, except for the air compressor itself - that will be coming before too long…   Some progress is also being made on lighting for the shop as well.

So much to do to get ready to start.   Just the initial preparation is an amazing adventure.